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Online Strategy and Channels

Data-driven, location-based marketing campaigns that drive ROI.

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Cost effective and impactful communication. Conceptualise, create and produce narrative programmes from script to screens.

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Text based communications for feature phone users. Can be used in combination with WhatsApp or on its own.

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TV Screens

Conceptualise and create
TV campaigns and TV programming from script to screens.

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We’re always innovating and looking out for new technology platforms to add to our dynamic ecosystem.

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TQ Link

A platform that works like your own app! Use it for internal or external communication, training, incentives and reporting. Great for dispersed teams.

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Social Media Strategy

Optimize your broader online strategy by building an online community and loyalty through conversation.

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Key business networking platform. The optimal platform for B2B campaigns and messaging.

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Intimate, difficult conversations require safe spaces. Use WhatsApp for peer to peer mentoring, coaching or intimate educational material.

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In-branch Screens

Customer marketing, staff communication and edutainment including training. Live and pre-recorded broadcasts.